Halloween is just around the corner! We know you want to show your love of dance with your costume; here are 20 dance themed Halloween costumes to do just that!

Recreate MJ’s iconic look from his “Beat It” music video with a red leather jacket, black pants and black loafers with white socks. Don’t forget one sparkling glove!


Dress up as the heroine from the movie Leap! You’ll need a white dress and blue ribbon for this look. Bonus points for a red wig to pull the look together!


This Halloween costume is too legit to quit. Create this look with a pair of parachute/hammer pants, a gold jacket and some aviator sunglasses.


Head to a re-sale shop to find an old school dress that you don’t mind tearing up. Tear it up along with some leggings and get them a little dirty. Complete the zombie look with some Halloween makeup.


Dance the night away as (arguably) the best emoji! Get this look with a red flowy dress and strappy red heels.


This is an easy one! Take a past recital costume along with some old ballet shoes and go as a ballerina.


Channel your inner broadway performer with this musical costume from the classic, Newsies. Head to a thrift store to find some knickers, a vest, lace up boots, a newsboy cap and a rolled up newspaper.


Cut footloose with this Halloween costume. Whether you get your inspiration from the 1985 film or the 2011 remake, this is a great dance themed costume. Complete the look with red suit, white button down, black bow tie and top it off with some shades.


Go DIY with this one! Find a plain white tutu and have fun making if your own with feathers and crystals to recreate the Swan Princess look.


Do you have a pair of little ones to dress up or are you looking for the perfect couple costume? Why not go with the iconic Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Complete the look with a tuxedo, top hat, and cane for Fred and classic gown with a fur shawl for Ginger.


Go as one of the most recognizable professional ballerinas! Create Ms. Copeland’s look with a black leo, white tutu, pointe shoes and the perfect ballerina bun.


Put together this adorable look with a white and red polka dot dress, red shoes, white socks and get Shirley’s perfect ringlet curls with some no heat curlers.


Take a dance costume from a past year to create the easy princess look. Just add a tiara and some sparkling shoes to add your own shine!


Grab the former SYTYCD contestants look with a bowler hat, nerd glasses, t-shirt, jeans and some rockin’ Nike high tops.


You can’t stop the beat with a Tracy costume! Make it happen with a plaid skirt, white button down and blue headband. Don’t forget to add some volume to your hair with a can of hairspray of course!


Dress as the Mother of Modern Dance. Find some lycra fabric and run with it!


Get your whole squad together for this one! Mix and match and show your Wildcat spirit with this group costume, after all, “we’re all in this together.”


Create the classic look of Marie from The Nutcracker with a blue dress, pink bow and a nutcracker.


Go as your favorite MDU dance teacher with some leggings, red MDU shirt and a track jacket. Don’t forget to say their favorite phrase “ok, let’s run that one more time.”

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