In search of the perfect dance bag

They get almost as much of a workout as our dancers, lugging everything from snacks and water bottles to leotards and dance shoes (you can almost smell it now). Yes, dance bags may possibly be among a dancer’s most important accessories. But finding the perfect one continues to elude us.

It seems like you find one large enough but it doesn’t have enough pockets. Or you find one with the pockets you need, but none of them are insulated to keep food cold. If there are any dance bag manufacturers out there listening, we’ve put together our wish list for the perfect dance bag. And moms and dads, tell us what we missed.

It’s all about the pockets

The perfect dance bag will come with pockets—lots of pockets for lots of purposes, and many designed to quell the many scents incumbent to a dancer’s life. Designers, here’s what we want need:

On the outside

  • Vented/mesh pockets for multiple dance shoes, tall and wide enough to fit one pair per pocket
  • Secure but easy-to-access pocket for phone and headphones
  • Another easy-access space designed for a water bottle

On the inside

  • Pockets or compartments to store dance apparel, snacks, makeup and laptops or tablets
  • Secure, hidden compartment for ID, keys or money
  • Insulated pocket for cold foods
  • Plastic-lined pocket for essential oils, creams or ointments
  • Vented/mesh pocket for deodorizer
  • Slots (or straps) to secure balls, sticks and rollers

And don’t forget

Since we’re clearly not holding back here, we also want it to be lightweight, easy-to-clean and lockable. A backpack version would be easier (and ergonomically healthier) for dancers to carry, but we’d also like to have a few sizes and styles to match different dancers’ needs.

So, dance parents, what are we missing? What would you add to make it the perfect dance bag? Does such a bag exist? If yes, please tell us where!