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Parent Participation Week, "Alice in Wonderland", Christmas Cookie Social Classes Announced and MORE! | Misty's Dance Unlimited

Parent Participation Week, "Alice in Wonderland", Christmas Cookie Social Classes Announced and MORE!

Message from Miss Misty

Can you feel the change in the air? The trees have finally changed color, fall is officially here and we are officially in full swing at the studio. We had our fall staff development meetings last week, Miss Shayna has been visiting classrooms and will be measuring students for recital costumes during the first week of November. Our Ballet La Crosse students have been working on a full length production of "Alice in Wonderland" and are excited to share this magical story with the community November 24-25. We would love to see YOU there as well! See below for ticket details. Thank you for sharing the JOY of dance wit your child at Misty's Dance Unlimited and Happy Fall! - Miss Misty Lown, Owner

Message from Miss Shayna

Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to get around to our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes and observe both teachers and students in action! Taking time away from teaching my own classes allows me the chance to check in on curriculum, meet new students, observe your dancer’s progress, and share ideas with instructors from inside the classroom. I am looking forward to stopping by Thursday, Friday and Saturday classes in the next few weeks! I love seeing how much your dancers have already learned and grown in the first few months of classes. It's bound to be another fantastic year as classes are off to a great start! - Miss Shayna Stellflue, School Director


  • October 31: Halloween - NO CLASSES
  • November 1-7: Costume Measuring In Classes
  • November 9-10: Stuffed Animal Sleepover at MDU
  • November 12-17: Parent Participation Week
  • November 15: Spring Recital Costume Fees Charged
  • November 19-24: Thanksgiving Break - NO CLASSES
  • November 24-25: Ballet La Crosse's Production of "Alice in Wonderland"

Parent Participation Week

It's back! One of the most memorable weeks of the year is right around the corner. Parents, mark your calendars for Parent Participation Week: November 12-17. This is your chance to experience first-hand what your kids are working on in classes, get to know their teachers and see just how much fun and learning happens in every class!

If you're not able to attend, please feel free to invite another adult (grandma, grandpa, family friend, etc.) to your child's class so the experience can be shared. This is a time for the dancers to spend special time with a family member sharing the gift of dance. Please help us by choosing one family member to share this special time. Be sure to wear something comfortable to move in.

Christmas Cookie Social Dates & Classes Announced

This year's Christmas Cookie Social performances will be held December 16-18. We are super excited to bring this fun and informal fundraising event to our brand new in-house stage! Proceeds are used to send upper level dancers to Dance Revolution which is a Christian-based youth dance convention. Please note that in order to accommodate our new in-house Christmas Cookie Social format, our Christmas Break dates have been updated to December 17 - January 1.

Approximately one third of our students participate each year. Participating classes will receive a more detailed email including costuming, tickets and more by November 15. The following classes have been invited to participate this year:

Show 1: Sunday, December 16 @ 1:00pm
Thursday 10:00am Mommy & Me (Miss Beth)
Thursday 10:30am Tippy Toes (Miss Beth)
Wed. 4:30pm & Thu. 11:00am Tutus and Bowties (Miss Beth)
Thursday 9:30am Children’s Tree House Class (Miss Beth)
Wednesday & Friday Man in Motion (Mr. Dennis)
Mon. 4:30pm & Wed. 4:00pm Kidance (Miss Krisa & Miss Shayna)
Friday Steps of Praise Ages 6-8 (Miss Alex)
Thursday 8:00pm 1st Intermediate Lyrical (Miss Kaydra)

Show 2: Sunday, December 16 @ 3:00pm
Thursday 5:30pm Mommy & Me (Miss Denise)
Thursday 6:00pm Tippy Toes (Miss Shayna)
Thursday 6:00pm Tutus and Bowties (Miss Denise)
Thursday 4:30pm Taplets (Miss Shayna)
Thursday 5:00pm Kidance (Miss Alex)
Thursday 4:30pm Building Jazz (Miss Kylie)

Show 3: Sunday, December 16 @ 5:00pm
Wednesday 5:00pm Mommy & Me (Miss Shayna)
Wednesday 5:30pm Tippy Toes (Miss Shayna)
Wednesday 6:30pm Tutus & Bowties (Miss Shayna)
Wednesday 4:30pm Taplets (Miss Shayna)
Wed. 5:30pm & Thu. 5:30pm Beginning Tap (Miss Anna & Miss Shayna)
Friday Steps of Praise Ages 9+ (Miss Alex)

Show 4: Monday, December 17 @ 6:00pm
Monday 5:30pm Mommy & Me (Miss Jessica)
Monday 5:30pm Tippy Toes (Miss Shayna)
Saturday 9:30am Multi-Age Ballet 3-4 years (Miss Denise)
Monday 5:00pm Tutus and Bowties (Miss Abby)
Tuesday 6:30pm Tutus and Bowties (Miss Denise)
Monday 5:00pm Taplets (Miss Krisa)
Mon. 6:30pm & Wed. 5:30pm Building Jazz (Miss Jessica & Miss Brittany)
Friday 4:00pm 1st Intermediate Lyrical (Miss Alex)

Show 5: Tuesday, December 18 @ 6:00pm
Tuesday 5:30pm Tippy Toes (Miss Denise)
Tuesday 4:30pm Tutus and Bowties (Miss Krisa)
Tuesday 4:30pm Kidance (Miss Shayna)
Tuesday 5:00pm Beginning Tap (Miss Shayna)
Tuesday 6:15pm 1st Intermediate Lyrical (Miss Beth)

Ballet La Crosse's Alice in Wonderland

Journey down the rabbit hole with Alice as she encounters chess pieces, playing cards and other well-known characters from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass.” With original choreography by the renowned Kennet Oberly and starring a cast of more than 70 dancers, “Alice in Wonderland” will delight audience members of all ages. This uniquely whimsical version offers a deeper look into Carroll’s dream world as seen through a child’s imagination. We can't wait to share it with you!

All tickets are available on the Weber Center Website.
Main floor seats are $22, balcony seats are $18, youth tickets are $5 each for any seat.

NEW: Stuffed Animal Sleepover

We hope you'll join us for the cutest fundraiser EVER! Have you ever wondered about what happens at the studio when it's closed? We will share our secret world with your stuffed animal friends at our Stuffed Animal Sleepover! Dolls and other "babies" are invited too! Sorry kids - Only stuffies stay over!

Drop Off Your Stuffy: Friday, November 9 between 3:00-6:00pm
Help Miss Misty tuck in your stuffy and listen to her read them a bedtime story at 5:30pm

Pick Up Your Stuffy: Saturday, November 10 between 9:00-10:00am
Enjoy breakfast treats at the studio with some of your favorite teachers and watch a slide show to see the overnight adventures that your stuffy had.

Donation: $20 per Stuffy (1 stuffy per child please) - All proceeds will benefit Chance to Dance Foundation!

Register Today: Click here to REGISTER!

Students of the Month

Congratulations to our first Students of the Month this year! Check out the TV in the Lobby Communications Center featuring:

Miss Nora Stapleton
Miss Alexis Beahm
Miss Julia Schwarz
Miss Sophie Cowgill

Other nominees include: Elizabeth Colburn, Kylie Devine, Claire Johnson, Isabella Libke, Kendyll Linder, Jaclyn McCormick, Annika Moseng, Olivia Neubauer and Hannah Scholze. Keep up the great work!

Absence Reporting

If your dancer will be absent from a class, our teachers and administrative staff greatly appreciate you notifying our team via our MDU Absence Form. This form can easily be accessed at the bottom of the main page of our website or CLICK HERE to access now.

Calling All Photos

Our Spring Recital may seem far away, but we are already working on the Yearbook Program Booklet! We'd love to have as many photos from throughout the entire year as possible so we are starting to collect photos now. Do you have photos of your dancer from the first week of class, during parent observation time, at the Oktoberfest Parade, at the Christmas Cookie Social, getting their Recital Costume or another fun memory? Please share these memories with us throughout the year by emailing photos to mistysdance@gmail.com!