Dear MDU Family,

Today was another big day in State and Local news.

Here's the OFFICIAL news:
Today Governor Evers issued Executive Order 82 and Emergency Order 1 "calling on all Wisconsinites to join in the collective effort to stop the devastating impact of COVID-19 by wearing a face covering, not harassing or threatening Wisconsinites who wear a face covering, and showing patience and compassion for those who are unable to wear a face-covering safely."
Parents, according to Gov. Ever's Executive Order 82 and Emergency Order 1, please send your kiddos who are age 5 and older to dance in a cloth face-covering unless you have an exception. If you don't have one and need one, we will provide a blue paper one for you like the kind they have at the local clinics:).

Here's the MDU way:
  • Let's give our best EFFORT to be supporters of this change! Most of us CAN mask up and it's no biggie. Our teachers have been masked up and teaching their hearts out for two months already. The Executive Order EXPECTS this. <3
  • Let's also give our best GRACE to the kiddo who CAN'T wear the mask! A small number of our peers and students cannot mask up a variety of reasons and the Emergency Order PROTECTS this. <3
In a world that is increasingly changing, BEST-EFFORT + GRACE is a winning model for our kids <3. Our youth need the caring adults in their lives to be steady more than ever. Hang in there, parents. You've got this and we support you! We will get through this together!

In partnership,
Misty Lown

PS Please note the Emergency Order still allows for our teachers to drop their masks for a moment to give instructions from an appropriate distance of more than 6 ft. which greatly increases classroom comprehension. <3
PPS Don't forget to join me Saturday, August 1 at 7pm for a MDU Back-to-School Family Chat where I will share more details about what fall will look like. We've got great things going on and I can't wait to share them with you. Join here:

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  • 923 12th Ave S, STE 103, Onalaska, WI 54650
  • 608.779.4642

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