August 25, 2021

Dear MDU Families, 

Thank you for a great kick-off to our 24th season of “More Than Just Great Dancing!”. We are now a full week into our season and it has been amazing to see kids and families back in the building.  

As the leader of our studio community, I have the great joy of seeing the excitement of the kids and teacher returning to class. I also have the great responsibility of navigating a continuously changing situation as it relates to Covid-19. 

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, MDU has provided clear communication and real-time decision-making. This has allowed us to offer continuous programming with only .0002% incidence of Covid-19 while providing consistent access to the benefits of dance such as physical fitness, social-emotional health, and mental wellness. That’s the joy part!

Now for the responsibility part. At MDU, we make all of our Covid-related decisions based on a variety of inputs, including local and national sources, as well as industry and studio data.  I wake up every morning, search the data, and track the trends. I also consult with our county, speak with other community leaders, and pray for wisdom.  I’m pleased to say that MDU is still doing extremely well in terms of cases as shared above. That’s why we began our fall season by continuing our summer policy of mask recommendation, not a requirement. Our community, however, is not doing as well.  The cases reported yesterday morning were double what they were the week prior and the 7-day average is one we have not seen since February. 

In my Welcome Letter from one week ago, I shared that we would escalate our policies if cases continue to rise. As such, beginning today (8/25/21), the following mitigation measures are being implemented: 

  • Masking required for students in preschool to age 11 while indoors.
  • Masking strongly recommended for everyone 12 and older while indoors.
  • Masking required of teachers while working with students unless in a private lesson. 

We will continue monitoring the situation week by week and will make you aware of any changes.  If community cases continue to rise, potential escalation of policies may include closing the lobby to reduce traffic, further limiting class sizes, greater physical distancing requirements in classes, and/or masking requirements for all ages.

In closing, I fully understand this message will cause relief for some and disappointment for others. Some will think it’s too much and others may think it’s not enough. This is the nature of the times we live in. But, it’s also in our nature to adapt and to support each other.  Our kids are mirrors of our reactions and emotions, so let’s focus on what’s positive!  In a time when our community is welcoming Afghan refugees who have lost all, we have much to be thankful for. Thank YOU for your support!


Misty Lown

Safer Studio Policy Archive
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  • 923 12th Ave S, STE 103, Onalaska, WI 54650
  • 608.779.4642


Dear MDU Family,

At Misty's Dance Unlimited, the health and safety of our faculty and students are our most important priorities.

This afternoon Gov. Tony Evers has directed the state Department of Health Services to mandated all K-12 schools to shut down beginning Wednesday, March 18.

We have determined that is it in the best interest of our faculty and families to temporarily suspend all classes for that time period as well. Our last day of classes before the shut down will be the same as the schools - Tuesday, March 17.

To manage this change, we will be moving our previously schedule spring break up to the first week of the closure (meaning we will not have our ordinary spring break during Easter).

Also, we run a 32 week dance season, BUT we had scheduled for 33 weeks on the calendar this year! That means we already had one extra week of classes built into our schedule, for which we are VERY grateful.

We are planning to resume classes along with the local schools on Monday, April 6 and will offer a week of make up classes immediately following recital to cover the other service days. If anything changes with that timeline we will let you know.

In the meantime, we have been in contact with recital costume suppliers and Viterbo University and recital dates remain unchanged. We will continue to monitor the situation, and should other changes to our season be needed we will update you accordingly.

As always, but especially now, we greatly appreciate your support during these challenging times and so do all of the kids and teachers.

In partnership,

Misty Lown