Dear MDU Families, 

We are proud to continue to offer consistent weekly class experiences that support the physical, social-emotional, and mental health of our staff and students. Since reopening in June of 2020 we have made all necessary adaptations to our programs, following local, national, and industry guidance in order to support a Safer Studio™ learning environment.   

As such, we have updated our protocols to match recently updated guidance from the CDC and Wisconsin DHS, which shortens the isolation/quarantine period to 5 days for individuals who test positive for COVID-19. The updated process is as follows:

Students or Staff who receive a positive test result should:

  • Report the positive case to MDU via the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form.
  • Isolate at home for 5 days and until symptoms are no longer present.
  • Continue to wear a mask around others for 5 additional days.

Additional information about this change in recommendation from the CDC and WDHS can be found here

MDU continues to see an extremely low incidence of Covid-19 in our programs while experiencing very high positive reports of the benefits of keeping students engaged in activities. Our building continues to maintain enhanced cleaning protocols including state-of-the-art air circulation. We continue our enrollment management with 50% of our student body in the building less than one hour per week. We continue with our current mask policy. 

We continue to do what is necessary. We also continue to plan for spring performances, sharing hope and confidence with our students of brighter days ahead! 

We continue to be here for our staff, our students, our families, and our community <3. 

Thank you for continuing with us!
Miss Misty

Safer Studio Policy Archive
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  • 923 12th Ave S, STE 103, Onalaska, WI 54650
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Dear MDU Family,

Two weeks ago we took our first steps towards re-opening our facility by serving ONE family at a time at our Red Carpet Recitals!

Next week we take forward by serving TWO rooms at a time (which is less than we had on opening day 23 years ago:).
I know so many of our students are busting at the seems to get back (and parents might be more than ready to get their kids out of the house!) but we are sticking with our staggered and structured re-opening, one baby step at a time.

And, by baby steps, I mean BABY steps. We are still 50% online for June and of the programs we are offering on-site, we are only opening 28% of our classrooms.
Please see our June Newsletter for additional information regarding our first steps back into the classroom and thank you for your patience as we build our program back one step at a time ♥.
Please check the MDU website before your class for the stop-and-go light indicator in the upper right-hand corner which indicates the status of classes.
Misty Lown