Dear MDU Families, 

We are proud to continue to offer consistent weekly class experiences that support the physical, social-emotional, and mental health of our staff and students. Since reopening in June of 2020 we have made all necessary adaptations to our programs, following local, national, and industry guidance in order to support a Safer Studio™ learning environment.   

As such, we have updated our protocols to match recently updated guidance from the CDC and Wisconsin DHS, which shortens the isolation/quarantine period to 5 days for individuals who test positive for COVID-19. The updated process is as follows:

Students or Staff who receive a positive test result should:

  • Report the positive case to MDU via the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form.
  • Isolate at home for 5 days and until symptoms are no longer present.
  • Continue to wear a mask around others for 5 additional days.

Additional information about this change in recommendation from the CDC and WDHS can be found here

MDU continues to see an extremely low incidence of Covid-19 in our programs while experiencing very high positive reports of the benefits of keeping students engaged in activities. Our building continues to maintain enhanced cleaning protocols including state-of-the-art air circulation. We continue our enrollment management with 50% of our student body in the building less than one hour per week. We continue with our current mask policy. 

We continue to do what is necessary. We also continue to plan for spring performances, sharing hope and confidence with our students of brighter days ahead! 

We continue to be here for our staff, our students, our families, and our community <3. 

Thank you for continuing with us!
Miss Misty

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  • 923 12th Ave S, STE 103, Onalaska, WI 54650
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Dear MDU Family,

As you know, we voluntarily closed our business last Wednesday when the La Crosse County Coulee COVID-19 Compass turned to RED. It was our hope that our community would band together to stay home and help curb the growing numbers of positive test results.

As of yesterday afternoon, the Coulee Covid-19 Compass remains in RED for our county. To help our community stay healthy and safe, MDU classes for the week of June 22-27 will be held ONLINE. All private lessons and skills tests will be rescheduled. Please look for an individual email if that pertains to you <3.

We have been asked we will open back up if Coulee COVID-19 Compass goes to ORANGE later this week. The answer is that we will not. We feel strongly that our families and teachers need to be able to make plans for the week and that would not be good to wake up each day wondering and waiting for an announcement of what life will look like for the day. To that end, we will be making our decisions on the status of summer classes on a week-by-week basis. A decision about the status of each week’s classes will be announced Sunday nights at 6pm.

Please check your email for online zoom links to your classes this week.

Thank you for your support as we seek to do our part to continue to serve our students while being good stewards of community health and our continued support efforts for our students and staff.

We appreciate our MDU families more than words can express and we can't wait to see you again in person some day.

In partnership,

Misty Lown