Dear MDU Family, 

I am writing today with a proactive communication regarding the potential state-wide mask mandate repeal going before the Legislature on Thursday. 

Regardless of the outcome, our business will continue to support a mask requirement (unless you have an exception) until further notice. 

While it is true that we have had a negligible occurrence of COVID-19 in our programs since re-opening in June (.00025%, or 5 reportable cases out of over 20,000 heads in classes, and none for two months) Coulee Region public schools are in the process of welcoming their students back which introduces a new risk variable to our student population. Even if the mask mandated is repealed on Thursday, it would be unwise to introduce a second risk variable to our student population at the same time.

As a teacher and a dancer, I look forward to the day when this is no longer a talking point, but in the meantime, we will continue all of the Safer Studio™ measures that have brought us such success so far including keeping people home when they don't feel well, well checks for employees, ongoing facility cleaning with our Sparkle Squad, hand sanitation, and face coverings. Our community is turning the corner and we need to stay the course until we get there <3. 

As always, we will continue to monitor the situation as we keep our focus on supporting the whole health of our students—including physical, social-emotional and, mental well-being—through dance classes each week.

Thank you for your support! 

In partnership, 

Misty Lown

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Dear MDU Families,

As you know, last Wednesday when the Coulee COVID-19 Compass turned red, we voluntarily closed our studio classes to support community health and our teachers have been serving our students enthusiastically online this week. We have also been working in cooperation with the La Crosse County Health Department to create a path forward to support student learning under all circumstances.

This afternoon we had a good discussion with the La Crosse County Health Department about the safety standards that we have in place at the studio. As a result of this discussion, the La Crosse County Health Department is in support of MDU opening for modified live classes at the studio next week, with a Zoom video feed from the studio for those who prefer to, or need to, keep learning at home.

Please note:

  1. We are finishing all classes for this week (6/22 - 6/27) ONLINE as previously announced.
  2. Next week (6/29 - 7/3) we will offer modified live classes at the studio with a zoom feed option from the classroom for those who prefer to, or need to, keep learning at home.
As you may recall when we started our summer term on June 15, assembly guidelines from the country allowed for 15 students in a class. We will be reducing that to 9 students for next week’s classes. Please note, there will be NO changes to the schedules - we will just split any class that has more than 9 students enrolled and add teachers as needed <3. Please refer to our June term re-opening policies for full details.

We will continue to follow the More Than Just Great Dancing!® Safer Studio™ guidelines for operations and the Youth Protection Advocates in Dance® Studio Sanitation guidelines for cleaning. Our teachers will continue to be well checked before attending class and be wearing masks. As always we ask families with any symptoms of illness of any kind to dance at home <3.

In closing, I want to thank our MDU parents for your continued support and to thank the La Crosse County Health Department for their good work. I also want to encourage an environment of grace and empathy as we all navigate these challenging times. Talk to your children about how they are feeling. Their feelings are important. Talk as a family about your comfort attending a class of up to 9 other students that would be sanitized and socially distanced - or your possible preference to learn from home next week. We support your decisions 100% and we look forward to seeing you next whether in person or online. <3

Misty Lown